Are You Wealthy?

“The true measure of wealth is if you lost all of your money today, what would you be worth?” – Inky Johnson

What is your worth? What is your personal value? Have you ever sat down and really analyzed what makes you who you are? In the worst-case scenario, if you lost everything you owned, would you be able to rebound? Would you wallow in self-pity? Or would you know that there is something inside of you that has the ability to create value?
What I’m trying to ask, is what type of person are you? It’s much easier to be a Wolf when you can drive a nice car, wear nice clothes, spend money on luxuries, and look the part of success. Once you take all that away, who are you really? You see, true personal wealth isn’t something you can buy at a store. It isn’t something that is put on display for others to superficially admire. It’s what is still there when all your money and all your possessions disappear. It’s something inside of you that is more powerful than a Rolex or an Armani suit. Once you recognize the qualities and values inside YOU that are legitimately substantial, it wouldn’t matter if all your material things disappeared. Your resilience, your attitude, and ability to create can buy you anything you want over and over again.
Defining yourself by your possessions has become a programmed part of our daily lives. This attitude of superficial material obsession keeps us stagnant. We are force-fed advertisements and content that embraces luxury lifestyles almost every day. We see people we respect and admire, living lifestyles that we can’t afford and we want to project these items into our own lives. Have you fallen into a pattern of being so focused on what you have materially and neglect the things that hold true, lasting value in your life? Why? Are you trying to cover up your own insecurities? Are you just unsure of who you truly are?
We all have insecurities. None of us are perfect, but truly understanding yourself is the first step in understanding your wealth as an individual. We strip away what makes us uniquely powerful by giving unnecessary value to objects and trying to impress people who don’t see us for our actual worth.
I want you to ask yourself these questions. Write them down if you have to. Take twenty minutes to truly analyze yourself and play out the worst-case scenario. Go ahead and skip this week’s episode of The Voice and take the time do something that will truly impact your life and your future.
Who would still be around if you lost everything?
How would you recover?
What value could you create in order to rebuild your life?
Would you still be happy with who you are?
What material items are you giving unnecessary value to that you could live without?
What people or things in your life diminish your actual value?
What changes can you make today in order to create more value in your life?
What steps can you take in order to change your perspective of wealth?
Characteristically, most of us prefer to stay in our comfort zone only putting in enough effort to satisfy the bare minimum. When things need to be done though we manage to get it done just in time. Stress brings out a sense of urgency. This urgency, when channeled correctly, strengthens performance and enhances creativity. This is why an hour before a deadline you can work the most productively. I bring this up because I want you to recognize this quality within yourself. It’s there. You just need to Wake Up The Wolf. Individuals who can embrace this consistently in every aspect of their life are psychologically profiled as Type A personalities. These people are ambitious, proactive, and deadline oriented. This isn’t an innate trait that some people have and others don’t. It’s something inside of all of us that you have to discover and embrace. Don’t wait until the worst-case scenario plays out to find the true power and values that you hold. Analyze yourself completely right now. Discover what makes you who you are and embrace your value. If everything you have is taken away from you, known in your heart that you will be okay. Know that your value lies in your friends, your family, your loved ones, your heart, your loyalty, respect, ambition, discipline, honesty, positivity, and the effect you have on everyone around you.
This isn’t just an exercise on contingency planning. This is an introspective analysis to help create a better version of YOU. Stripping yourself down and understanding your core values so that you can wake up every day to give the world the best version of yourself. Once you understand the true meaning of wealth and apply the appropriate worth to the people and things that surround you, you will find the satisfaction in your sense of self that has been hiding from you all this time.
Please feel free to comment on this post and let me know if this exercise helped you. Feel free to email me at if you want to discuss this further or have any questions for me. I’m more than happy to hear from anyone and everyone. Criticism is also welcome! I’m hoping that I can present my ideas and thoughts in a way that resonates with all of you guys.

Thank you again for reading my post.
Now go Wake Up The Wolf.

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Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Inky Johnson Motivational Speech

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